Mohave County fighting CAP proposal to buy, move water to Tucson, Phoenix suburbs

"The agency that operates the CAP wants to spend $34 million on farmland and water rights from a rural slice of northwestern Arizona along the Colorado River to slake the thirst of the growing Tucson and Phoenix suburban areas".

Kevin Moran: Bold action still needed for the Colorado River

"progress has been made on water conservation....we should use this brief reprieve to double our efforts to improve how we use, manage and share our limited supply of Colorado river water. ...the long term challenge hasn't changed....."

A Conservation Vision for Arizona’s Water Future

27 Groups and Hundreds of Individuals Commit to Protecting Environmental Waters

The groups seek to inform, educate, and advocate for changes in water policies at the state and local level, noting that Arizona needs to achieve a sustainable water future through effective management that controls surface water and groundwater use in a manner that can be maintained for an indefinite time, without causing unacceptable environmental, economic, or social consequences. To achieve that, water users – farmers and ranchers, cities and towns, tribal communities, business and industry, environmental interests and everyday people – must work together to better manage our water resources.

AZ Water Initiative Annual Report

This second Annual Report of the Arizona Water Initiative summarizes the work accomplished to meet the recommendations made by the GWAC during the last reporting period, reports on progress made in the Planning Area Process, and articulates the recommendations of the GWAC for the following year. Additional specific information regarding GWAC Committees and the Planning Areas is included within the appendices of the report.