There's more to water than "how can we get more."


We've convened a Sustainable Water Working Group to propose policies that will prevent further degradation of Arizona's rivers, lakes and springs and find new ways to balance Arizona's water interests. 



We are the towns, tribes, individuals, community groups and businesses striving to modernize Arizona's water law. 

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Read our information sheet - Protect Ecological Water: Keep Arizona’s Streams and Rivers Flowing

Read our answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” about Ecological Water

Click to explore SB1370 - Ecological Water Bill - Find and contact your state legislators here and ask them support holding a public hearing for SB1370 in the 2019 legislative session! Write an editorial to your local paper supporting legally recognizing Ecological Water as a beneficial use, and requiring the state to study the ecological needs of our rivers. Currently there is little information about the ecological needs of AZ rivers. SB1370 tasks ADWR to study these needs and publish its findings. Flowing springs, streams and rivers are not only vital for life-sustaining ecosystems and diverse wildlife, but also for the many “stacked benefits” and intrinsic values living waterways contribute to our local communities, economies, livelihoods and cultures.


Sustainable Water Workgroup receives 2018 "Leaders of the Year" award in the Environment Category!